Teresa Gregory was the founder of The Copy Spot, Inc.  She was in the business of reprographics for over 44 years.  We lost our dear friend and mentor in 2020.


  Susan Robinson is a 22 year veteran of The Copy Spot, Inc.  She loves talking with all the customers,

and never forgets a face!


Rebekah Robinson is our General Manager.  She is bright and strives for excellent customer service and order accuracy.

She always has a smile on her face!


  Janet O’Rear is our retired associate who keeps coming back.  She helps us get in a vacation from time to time!


Dot Nellums is our trusty Bookkeeper.  We call her the “Spreadsheet Whisperer”!


  Sloane is our resident “Copy Cat”.  She does everything from greeting customers and  supervising our work, to reminding us that it is time for us to feed her.  We couldn’t run this place without her!